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Closing website

Thank you for visiting Natural Home and Garden! After a decade of running the website, we have decided to close it. It has been fun, but time to move on.

For now, we will keep this site up and running so readers can find all of the archived posts. We may even give the site a new direction in the future. If you have some good ideas, please let us know.

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Dianne and Marcel

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Garlic Harvest

About 1/2 of 2014 Garlic crop
Half of 2014 Garlic crop

Our Garden seems to be doing quite well considering how hot is has been for the last while. We put in a new drip irrigation system this year, which is simply a hose connected to a couple of multi-shutoffs. We bought some ergonomic shut-offs this year to help Diannes hands. Also bought a better quality drip hose (same as city uses in some of their parks). This allows us to create zones in the garden and shut areas off and on as needed. As we just harvested the garlic, we can now shut that area off, so we don’t waste water.
The garlic is a little early this year. This photo is about half the crop which we harvested yesterday. Tomorrow, we will select out the best bulbs to be used for re-planting this fall and hang up all of the garlic for curing. Can’t wait to start eating! (We did try a little out already, but not as tasty before curing). With the Garlic out of the ground, we can train the squash to take over the area, as they are rapidly spreading now. They are full of bees and other pollinators, so should have a good crop of them as well!

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Organic vs Non-organic lawn care

We have cut our lawn down to a very small area in the back yard. To cut down on the inherited weed problem, and to bring the lawn area up to a safer height with back sidewalk, we covered the old lawn with cardboard and added 5 inches of compost from Classic Compost. We then seeded with an eco lawn seed, which requires very little water.

For our health and our dogs health, we do not use any chemicals on the lawn. I was sent a link to this interesting poster on the benefits of organic lawn care compared to non-organic and thought I should share. It comes from Safer Brand, which one of our Food Policy Council members used to work for, so thought I should post for everyone to read.


Benefits of organic lawn care companies