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New Direction for Natural Home and Garden

As you know, our main contributor has recently passed away. This has meant that we have come to a cross-roads in how we should move forward with the site a little sooner than we had planned. After ten years of sharing, it is time to re-evaluate what NHG is all about.

NHG started as a way to bring together interesting sustainable building, living and eating ideas into one site for ourselves and anyone else interested, to easily keep on top of what we thought were some innovative and common-sense ideas. Now there are many outlets to find this information. Many other sites have come and gone over the last decade, but as we were doing this as more of a hobby, we could keep on going without worrying about advertising revenues or other forms of remuneration.

As with anything, our contributors have come and gone as well. Mostly people just run out of energy in trying to come up with new content. The same thing happened to us a while back, which is why we relied heavily on contributors to help keep the content new and interesting.

We do get many offers of new articles to post, but they are mainly from people who don’t really have any interest in sustainable ways of living and building, which we believe is needed more now then ever.

So, we would like to hear from you if you have some good ideas.  Should we head a different direction? Should we become a natural products store?  Should we offer someone else a chance to take over the site? Or is it just time to close down?

If you have some good ideas, please let us know. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Thank you to everyone in our community.

Dianne and Marcel