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NewEarth Haven Bio Architecture

NewEarth Haven Bio Architecture domes in Bali

NewEarth Haven Bio Architecture domes in Bali

The NE Haven Bali project will offer a stunning low-tech ecological, bio-architectured Haven of twenty four unique eco-pod time-share dwellings. Considerations of designs account for the integration of natural environment, and internally each structure provides a supportive environment, based on biogeometrical designs and principles, that encourages health, healing, energy balancing and creativity.

Bio architecture eco domes are designed to offer all the luxuries of western living at a fraction of the cost to build.

Our signature Roots foundation utilizes a system of biomimicry to mimic the energetic root structure of plants and trees, existing naturally in nature with the purpose of adding stability to the structure and holding the soil around it.

As a bridge to what will eventually be an entire network of domes fully provided with an off grid power supply, fiber optic lighting.

A composting toilet system will be installed on the back of a 1m sun deck which wraps around the entire perimeter. Piped in water and solar power will outfit domes with a water supply and warm shower water. Underneath each dome an organic garden will be planted, providing fresh herbs and vegetables for dome residents.

Every aspect of development is designed to prototype and showcase new models for building standards; from sustainable building materials, to alternative energy approaches, to water capture and purification technologies.

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Woodworker Builds The Perfect Tiny House Boat for Life on the Water

A woodworking wizard named Richard built the Koroc – a beautiful floating tiny house RV on aluminum pontoons. It’s unbelievable what a comfortable home he’s created in such a small space. Imagine living in this micro cabin, floating on a river or a lake, and enjoying fresh air on an enormous deck? If you can’t tell already, we’re in love with this boat!

We spent a beautiful sunny afternoon on Le Koroc (built by Richard’s company Daigno) admiring his handy work. Everything in this house boat is built by hand, from the beams to the cabinets, the deck, water filter, bathroom, kitchen and more. Richard has a solar panel for electricity, a Martin propane heater, a propane cooktop, a DIY carbon filter for filtering grey water, a self-contained toilet, two dinettes (one that converts into a double bed), and tons of windows, not to mention the huge deck. It’s off-grid minimalist living paradise!

If you want to learn more about Richard’s beautiful house boat, you can check out his website here:
Outstanding concept and design. Love it. Hope to see a bunch of similar designs that tap into this new market.

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Dee Living on $800 a month in a Cargo Trailer

In today’s video we meet Dee again who was in my most popular video ever! Her first video has had nearly 1.5 million views because people love Dee’s courage, ingenuity and strength. I’m very glad to say that she has improved her situation and has since moved into a nicely converted cargo trailer and made herself a wonderful little home! In this video we’ll take the tour.

Be sure to check out the Cheap RV Living channel. They get millions of views for good reason. (Hint: they cover a wide range of topics of interest to off gridders, tiny house folks, etc.)

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Beautiful Tiny Home Built To Look Like Earthen Cottage

This stunning tiny home has used natural building techniques to give it an earthen cottage look, making it a unique hybrid between tiny house on wheels and a small natural home.

What looks like a relatively conventional tiny house on the exterior completely transforms on the interior, where use of natural lime plaster has given the home an earthen appearance, something very rare in tiny homes, and as you’ll discover in this video, possibly for very good reason.

This is a great accomplishment and inspiration for others.

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