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Are you a budding writer, that would like to help spread the word on sustainable living?  Tell us about your own experiences or share stories from others in your neighbourhood who are doing great things to make life healthier for themselves. We are happy to receive ideas for one-time stories, or on-going columns.

Are you a blogger that is looking for a place to join with other like-minded people, or perhaps you just want to add your comments every once in a while. You can be a professional within your industry, or someone who has a lot of hands-on knowledge. Our main stipulation is that you truly care about doing things in a ‘healthier / more sustainable’ way.

Know of a great site we may want to link to? If you have a favourite blog or website that you really would like us to share with everyone, please send that as well.

Thank you for sharing with Natural Home and Garden Canada. We will have a look and get back to you as quick as we can. Suggestions that do not align with NHG will not be contacted.

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