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Family & Friends Microgreens Club

One of our ways to get fresh flavours throughout the winter months is growing microgreens. With 4 to 5 times more nutrition than their mature counterparts, it doesn’t take a lot to pack in the vitamins, minerals, protein and more, along with great taste. We eat these pretty well everyday in everything from soups and salads, to smoothies and sandwiches. My favourite is a simple mixed-microgreens salad with olive oil and a little black pepper. Add some tomatoes, sweet peppers and cukes. Can’t beat the freshness!

We have started a small club with family and friends to share the cost of microgreen seeds, soil, trays, electricity, etc. In our club, everyone pays a small amount and gets the equivalent of a full 1020 tray every 2 weeks, usually with 3 or 4 varieties in their bag / container (supplied by member). We only use certified organic seeds and soil, which may cost a bit more, but much healthier and safer. Buying in bulk helps keep prices in line. Might be worth looking into for your own family and friends!

We have been asked by a few readers if we can sell them seeds and start-up kits. Let us know if you are interested (Canada only), as we do have a great supplier that will help us set up an online store if there is enough interest.

We will share some of our successes and failures as this project moves along. Below are some of the microgreens we have tried so far, along with what we will be growing this season, which goes from about mid September to mid July.

The Sunshine Salad Mix is from one of our favourite local farms. We bought this one for our own garden, but thought we might as well test it as a microgreen. In their own words it’s a Spicy collection of greens, including: cresses, mustards, arugula, lettuces and peppergrass.
Large vigorous microgreens with an unusual flavour. Fenugreek is a traditional herb for colds and flu. Arthritis has a low incidence rate in India where a lot of fenugreek is consumed.
Peas are a favourite with many microgreen lovers. We like to use them for salads as they give a nice crunchy texture. Also good in sandwiches. I often just grab a small bunch and munch on them by themselves. Don’t forget smoothies.
Sunnies (Sunflowers) are a great way to add some fresh goodness to your snack or meal. Packed full of summer flavour, these tasty treats will bring a smile to the dullest winter day! Very good in mixed microgreen salads and amazing on a sandwich with your favourite filling.
Brassica Mix. With a mix of Arugula, Mustard, Broccoli and Radish, this is a tasty addition to wraps, sandwiches, salads or wherever you want a little extra zip!
Red Cabbage – These will give a pop of colour to your salad or sandwich! One of the most nutritious.
Wasabi Mustard – Hot, but a nice addition to sandwiches or salads.