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Owen is back in the hospital

Update from NHG – Sadly, we have heard that Owen passed away. Owen left us quietly. At about 2:00 am (in Thailand), the doctor had given the highest blood pressure medication but no response. He will be greatly missed by many people. Our readers have enjoyed his posts and followed his work for many years.

Two days ago I got the following email from Owen’s family in Thailand: Subject: Symptoms of Owen are worried. He’s been in the hospital for 3 days now because he’s been eating less about a week. Have just a little fruit. We try to find the food that he likes. But he can only chew and spit out. The body is very weak. Now he’s wearing his respirator again, and he can not speak. We and the medical team are watching closely. Thanks for all the encouragement from everyone. We appreciate the help. We will fight together for Owen.

Then, this morning was this:  Owen’s heart stops. The doctor made a six-minute heart pump until he regained consciousness. After a while I read all the prayers that people sent to Owen. He nodded and blinked.

I send my blessings for Owen.

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