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An Earthbag Privacy Wall

Wayne Talbot, a reader from South Africa, sent me these photos and description of an earthbag privacy wall that he just completed. I think that is very nicely done! Inspired by Owen’s earthbag building resources, I recently completed the construction of an earthbag boundary wall. 11m L x 2.5m high. Bags filled with building sand and 6% Portland cement.

Bags filled with building sand and 6% Portland cement.Chicken mesh attached to bags using roof nails.Initial plastering was done with a hand-held plastering ‘machine’ I got off eBay. Cost USD$140.00 delivered to S. Africa. Plaster is standard cement plaster. Top of wall waterproofed using ‘flash harry’ water proofing ‘paint’.

Thanks again to and Owen for the inspiration. This was just a ‘test’ project to get a feel for the technique. Next project will be an entire home (straight walls, contemporary house, Cape vernacular type architecture).

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