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Orchard Walnut – A Unique Collection

Do you know the story behind the flooring in your home? What was it before it was made into flooring? EcoTimber only offers FSC certified sustainable products. And that means that every piece of wood we sell has a story.

The Orchard Collection

A Californian Walnut Orchard -

A walnut orchard in California

What happens to commercial orchards that have aged and can no longer bear fruit? They are cut down and replanted to insure a future harvest. The trees that are cut down are often used as biomass fuel in generating electricity. We save the best of these trees to be recycled into flooring.

Traditional Walnut Flooring

Most of the walnut flooring created in North America comes from the American Black Walnut tree. This tree grows in the Eastern US but is not ideal for commercial walnut harvesting. At EcoTimber our Orchard Walnut collection is different.

Our Orchard Walnut Collection

Orchard Walnut collection - blog.ecotimber.comThere are over 200,000 acres of commercial walnut orchards in Central California. These orchards are the source of 98% of the annual US walnut crop. When these orchards are about 40 years old the walnut production drops significantly. The trees are then cut down and replanted. In about 4 years the orchard once again begins producing. Approximately 7000 acres of walnut orchards are cut down every year. We take the best of the cut trees and turn them into flooring.

Grafting – The Secret to Spectacular Flooring

Grafting step 4 - blog.ecotimber.comGrafting step 2 - blog.ecotimber.comGrafting Step 1 -

Commercial walnut growers know that they get the best harvest when they combine a tree that is hardy and resistant to the local diseases with a tree that gives a high yield. They do this with a process called grafting. As a result of grafting the walnut trees develop highly variegated grain patterns. These grain patterns make this wood highly sought after for certain luxury items like car interiors.

Features of Our Orchard Walnut Flooring

Grain Graft Closeup -

A closeup view of the grain graft.

When you buy EcoTimber’s orchard walnut flooring you know you’re getting an eco-friendly product. The thick walnut wear layer is entirely made from recycled walnut. The pine backing comes from FSC certified well-managed forests.

Our Orchard Walnut Flooring has beautiful variegated grain patterns -

Our Orchard Walnut Flooring has beautiful variegated grain patterns.

This flooring has exquisite color and grain variation. The factory-applied clear stain offers superior durability without releasing dangerous VOCs into your home. A thick wear layer that can be sanded down and refinished to look like new means this floor will last a lifetime. The cross-ply construction means that it will resist cupping and warping.

Do you know what story your floors tell? What type of story would you like it to be?