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Wild Mushroom Pizza with Arugula & Pecorino

Wild Mushroom Pizza with Arugula & Pecorino Recipe
Make no mistake, this healthy pizza recipe is all about the mushrooms; lemon oil and arugula add just enough citrus and spiciness to accent without overwhelming. To that end, Sardinian or Tuscan Pecorino cheese (milder than Pecorino Romano) is called for, but other mellow grating cheeses, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano, will work.

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Wild Mushroom & Polenta Casserole

Wild Mushroom & Polenta Casserole Recipe
In this vegetarian polenta casserole recipe, the choice of cheese is as important as which wild mushroom you use. Morel or hen of the woods (maitake) mushrooms give a more “meaty” experience, while chanterelle or cremini mushrooms will have a milder flavor. The polenta recipe calls for rich, nutty Taleggio or fontina cheese, but you can also use a good-quality washed rind cheese like Brie or Gouda.

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A Unique Straw Bale Arch Home Design

I really like this new straw bale home design by Brian Waite.  Its not very often you see a completely new home design that is energy  efficient, sustainable, AND well suited to being built by the home owner, but this one is all of the above.

Brian’s new design straw bale home prototype

The design uses a number of identical prebuilt arches for the main structure of the house. The arches are spaced one straw bale apart so that the bales can be stacked between the arches with no trimming.

Arches being set up.

 The arches are light enough to be erected by one person with the aid of a hand winch.  In fact, the entire house was built by Brain with only common tools.

Straw bales install snugly between arches.

 The straw bales are stacked from the floor up to the peak in one continuous stack.

Because the arches provide all of the structural support for the roof, all of the interior walls (if used) are non-structural and would be easy to move over time.

The house has a  number of other unique features, including a means to secure the straw bales without settling, and a passive vent system that keeps the straw bales dry.

Another unique feature that Brain is testing is a quad glazed window design that is made from two standard double glazed glass units.

Quad glazed window made from two standard double glazed units.

 It seems to me that this is a simple design that is well suited to owner builders while offering an R value up toward US 6.

All the details here…

I want to thank Doug alerting me to this fine new design.

April 3, 2015

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2015 Home Grown Food Summit

2015 Home Grown Food Summit.

Get ready to learn the essentials of food cultivation, harvesting and storage that will prepare you to grow your more organic life. The Summit offers 30+ presentations to help you get home grown food on your dinner table.   The Summit features the worlds leading experts in backyard food production.  These people have dedicated their lives to help you re-establish the skills of organic living as the foundation of good health and environment.

The Home Grown Food Summit is free to attend.

Here is what you can expect

Starting Monday April 6th and going through to Sunday April 12th, starting at 6:00 am EST four or five presentations will be posted.   The presentations will be up for a full 24 hours for you to watch and enjoy. Because we all deserve healthy food.

Meet The Presenters!
8 Reasons You Are Insane If YouAren’t Growing Some Of Your Own Food
Mike Adams

Youth Gardening:

Getting The Next Generation Growing
Julia Parker-Dickerson
GROW Bio-Intensive Gardening: Food
And Income In
Your Backyard
John Jeavons

The Natural Selection

Of The Wise
Sally Fallon
Aquaponics – Everything You NeedTo Know To Get Started
Sylvia Bernstein
Working With Kids So TheyWill Want To
Work With You
Joel Salatin
Picking Chicken Breeds BestFor Your Yard
Jeannette Beranger
Comparing The 6 Ways To KeepChickens and Which Is Best For You
Paul Wheaton
Growing Your
John Kohler
How To Preserve FoodWater Bath 
and Pressure Canning
Kendra Lynne

Secret Garden

Of Survival
Rick Austin 
Mulch Gardening Secrets
Jill Winger
Quality Seed
Stephen Scott
How To Preserve Food By Fermentation
Wardeh Harmon
7 Ways We Change
The World Growing
Our Own Food
Gary & Valerie

Beginners Guide To

Hunting Deer For Food
Jackson Landers

Detox Your

Leslie Parsons

8 Steps To Welcome Rain Into Your

Life and Landscape
Brad Lancaster

13 Wild Weeds Essential For

Human Survival
Katrina Blair
Permaculture Guilds: The BuildingBlocks For Food Forests
Toby Hemenway


With Plants
Doug Simons

13 Tips, Tricks,

And Lessons From Homesteading an Acre
David Goodman

How To Eat &

Enjoy Insects
Alllen Davisson

Botany In

A Day
Tom Elpel

Straw Bale Gardening
Joel Karsten

6 Laws Of Plant Growth And The Mittleider Method
Jim Kennard

Living Without Refridgeration
Woniya Thibeault

10 Reason To Grow Up Instead of Out
Laurie Neverman

Meet Your Host
How To Produce Half Of Your Food In Your
Backyard In Less Than An Hour Per Day

Marjory Wildcraft

Known as the Martha Stewart of self reliance Marjory knows just about everything
there is to know about growing and producing food sustainability in a back yard setting…