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Garden ideas – staging

Staging for growing peas and beans
Staging for growing peas and beans

We have some old staging that my Dad gave us many years ago. It’s not safe for working on anymore, so we were trying to decide what to do with it. Then we thought, why not make use of in the Garden! By using two ends and one cross bar, we created a great frame for our peas and beans to climb up on. The space inside allows for other ground or low growing crops as well. Great adaptive re-use of something that has been sitting around in the weather for ages.

We still had another staging left over, so our Daughter and Son-in-law created a a great little greenhouse for us at the back of the shop. The tomatoes love it in there! You can see the drip hose we are using. The emitters are supposed to be less likely to clog up with dirt. Seems to be working great so far 🙂

We keep talking about building a more permanent greenhouse, but so far this has worked out for us, so no hurry. Saves a lot of money as well!

Tomatoes love it in the greenhouse!
Simple greenhouse from old staging