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Solar Energy & Sustainability in the South American Rainforest

Guest Speaker: Edward Suzin

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On November 23, 2012, BCSEA Vancouver hosted guest speaker Edward Suzin at the Railway Club on 579 Dunsmuir Street, to speak about his experiences developing and installing free-standing solar panels in the remote areas of the South American rainforest. Edward highlighted the difficulties in accessing these rural locations, and the ways in which solar powered lighting transformed people’s lives. In addition to conserving natural resources and reducing the need to burn fires for light, solar-powered lights reduce wild animal attacks on the villages, and contribute to socio economic development by offering villagers an alternative to accepting money for oil and gas exploration in their backyards.

Edward’s presentation generated a lively discussion about the links between resource development and cultural heritage.

The event was free to BCSEA members.


About Edward Suzin:

Edward Suzin BSC Mech., MBA, ENV Dipl.

Edward Suzin is a renewable energy specialist with over 10 years’ experience in the successful design and installation of solar photovoltaic, solar hot water heating, wind turbines and other renewable energy projects. He has successfully managed and installed renewable energy systems in 1400 facilities around the world.


Edward offers a one stop shop approach for clients: from conducting business and environmental assessments to determine viability, to designing custom projects and online technical support, and providing tracking tools and training.


His projects have included a multi-country case study of renewable energy options for oil alliance Petrocaribe, a 19.2 KWh solar pv installation for El Laberinto Village in Venezuela, a 4.56 KWh solar pv installation for Panasonic Headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela and a 108.5 KWh solar pv installation for San Francisco de Guayo in Venezuela.


Edward annually attends the Renewable Energy Wold Conference, and has delivered seminars for USB in Caracus, Venezuela, and for the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA), of which he is also a Steering Committee member.

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