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How are we supposed to keep up?

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How are we supposed to keep up with the tidal wave of information that comes our way every day?

My daily favorites are the
Guardian and
Independent, from the UK;
Spiegel (English edition, from Germany); and the
Huffington Post.

For most of these, I usually click on ‘Green’ or ‘environment. I supplement them with
Clean Technica,
Smart Planet, and
Climate Progress.
My favorite weekly magazine is
New Scientist.
And still the great stories keep coming, so I also have Google News set up with my favorite search terms, such as ‘solar’, ‘climate change’ … and ‘BCSEA’.

Here in the BCSEA, we provide a free BCSEA-NEWS email list-serv that has many smart participants who post BC stories on energy and climate. We also have a BCSEA-ENERGY list-serv for discussion. To sign up for these, click here.

Our website runs regular sustainable energy news stories, such as
Tokelau becomes the world’s first 100% solar powered country, and
Wind industry could provide a fifth of global electricity by 2030.
To see them regularly, visit on a regular basis.

We also run a BCSEA Facebook page, and we tweet regularly on

What are your favorites, as you strive to keep up with the whirlwind of change? Please send them to with the subject line ‘Favorite communications’, so that we can share them around.

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