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not so free light bulbs – farmer laboratory This video covers: – how the power company charges more to pay for "free" light bulbs – the goal is fewer power plants – a five dollar clothes line would save more – energy audits are lame – the longevity of light bulbs – tested – situations of using a light for 30 seconds or less – the luminosity for the first 30 seconds – the amount of electricity to construct a light bulb – CFL subsidies in australia and the incandescent ban – total energy cost of a CFL – CFL toxicity during construction, during use and after disposal – the 2008 data sheet from the EPA comparing mercury pollution – IQ Drop – impact on concentration – UV burns – catching on fire – epipleptic siezures – cataracts – cancer Thanks to all the folks that chipped in through kickstarter for this video. Including the "executive producer of odd smells" Thanks to Camille Pearl and Durk Collins for playing parts. Relevant music by Jimmy Pardo
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