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Sepp Holzer’s Bone Sauce/Salve How To Sepp Holzer explains how to make his bone sauce. And why. It was originally for use when castrating animals. A bit of the salve was put on the "wound" and would help with healing while keeping flies away. It turns out this stuff keeps pretty much all animals and insects away. Which leads to the primary use today – to keep deer and voles off of freshly planted fruit trees. The cast iron pots in this video are considered a bit on the small side, but since Sepp ends up saying "perfection" then they must be acceptable. The first pot is buried in moist soil leaving an inch or two above ground. The second, upper, pot if filled with bones and a screen goes between the two pots. Clay seals the pots. A small fire is burned on top of the pots for about two hours. Then the wood is pulled away and the pots are covered with dirt. Let the pots cool overnight. Carefully clean all of the dirt off so that no dirt ends up in the bone sauce salve. Before putting it on trees, you can thin it out with any edible oil. Sepp mentions olive oil. Guest appearances by Dr. Immo Fiebrig (translating), Bill Schnieders, Afia Menke, ND, the brothers Julian and Nick, and Jessi Peterson. Relevant threads at permies: music by Jimmy Pardo
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