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87% off electric heat bill: REALLY saving energy http I made this video to augment my article "REALLY Saving Energy with The Heat Bubble: how I cut 87% off of my electric heat by heating the person instead of the whole house". This is a DIY alternative form of energy conservation Camille Pearl comes over to my house and tests my energy saving theories for herself. We start off stripping off her clothes that are more than just a single, normal layer people might wear in a fully heated area. Then we have her stand in the cool area until she feels too cold, then move her to the desk with the micro personal heaters. It was in this video where Camille first refers to this as a "bubble." And now, that's what we call this technique: "a heat bubble". She starts off too cold, and then spends 30 minutes at the heated desk area. At the end of the 30 minutes she is fully warmed up and feels like she could work there indefinitely. We then turn off the micro heat and see how long she can hold out until she feels too cold to keep working. About three minutes and ten seconds. Quick summary of micro heaters: 40 watts: incandescent light bulb in a chick brooder configuration 25 watts: heated keyboard 15 watts: dog bed heater / heating pad 2.5 watts: heated mouse 82.5 watts total. A homemade approach to save the environment. Alternatives are sources for home production. This may be a big boost to renewable energy efforts. Relevant threads at permies: music by Jimmy Pardo
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