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kickstarter farmer laboratory: CFLs at 30 seconds http I'm trying my first ever kickstarter campaign. Here is the blurb I wrote for it: I suspect that CFLs perform poorly when used for 30 seconds or less. Which is how most light bulbs are used in a home that does not waste energy. I'm thinking of calling this video "Turn off the damn lights!" I bought a bunch of gear to add some validity to this, but the gear turned out to be crap. And the good stuff is more than I'm willing to spend. Folks suggested that I do the kickstarter thing cuz others wanna see the video happen and would be willing to put in a few bucks. Mythbusters did some similar stuff a few years ago, but there were a lot of things they left out. They did a bank of lights where the lights would be on for two minutes and then off for two minutes. After five weeks, all of the bulbs were dead except for the LED. I wanna do 30 seconds on and two minutes off and then find out which bulbs last how long. Did the CFLs die first? I also have some gear for measuring luminosity. That gear is working fine, but my stuff to show the first few seconds of power consumption is not nearly as good as what they used in mythbusters. I need better gear. Relevant threads at permies: music by Jimmy Pardo
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