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sharpening / peening a scythe Brian Kerkvliet of Inspiration Farm in Bellingham, Washington gives a quick demo of sharpening with whetstone, and then talks about two different ways of peening a scythe. First comes removing the scythe blade from the snath. The blade has a tang that fits in a hole in the snath (complete with a "snath saver"). Brian shows two types of peening anvils and his peening hammer. The anvils are a type that is mounted into a block of wood. Brian demonstrates how to mend flaws and dings in the scythe blade. Brian teaches us about the "hafting angle" for mounting the scythe blade to the snath. I get the impression that Brian doesn't particularly like the "peening jig". He shows us his and how it works and talks about why the anvil is a better solution. Relevant threads at permies music by Jimmy Pardo
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