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beneficial weeds in a young food forest – polyculture! Michael Pilarski ("Skeeter") takes us on a tour of his three year old food forest, complete with many species of beneficial weeds. As he mentions each species, I try to include some comments, such as their purpose in the video. Skeeter is well known as a wildcrafter. This is a 0.85 acre patch he manages where he grows edibles and medicinals for sale. He also grows soil building plants to suppor the other plants he is growing. He does a lot of "chop and drop" to build organic matter in the soil. Species mentioned include motherwort, sweet clover (white), spruce tree, elecampane, yucca, blue elderberry, amur cork tree, sand cherry, alder tree, silver buffaloberry, gooseberry, mugwort, siberian pea shrub, parsnip, catnip, dandelion, sow thistle, alfalfa, currant, mustard, hawthorn, mulberry, peppermint, arnica, meadowsweet, black cohosh, culvers root, beans, squash, beets, lambs quarters, clover and arugula. Relevant threads at permies: music by Jimmy Pardo
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