Microgreens Club

One of our ways to get fresh flavours throughout the winter months is growing microgreens. With 4 to 5 times more nutrition than their mature counterparts, it doesn’t take a lot to pack in the vitamins, minerals, protein and more, along with great taste. We eat these pretty well everyday in everything from soups and salads, to smoothies and sandwiches. My favourite is a simple mixed-microgreens salad with olive oil and a little black pepper. Can’t beat the freshness!

We have started a small club with family and friends to share the cost of microgreen seeds, soil, trays, electricity, etc. In our club, everyone pays a small amount and gets the equivalent of a full 1020 tray every 2 weeks, usually with 3 or 4 varieties in their bag. We only use certified organic seeds and soil, which may cost a bit more, but much healthier and safer. Buying in bulk helps keep prices in line.

We will share some of our successes and failures as this project moves along. Below are some of the microgreens we have tried so far, along with what we will be growing next season (adding over next week or so), which goes from about mid-September to the end of June. Around the end of July, we will start trialling the new varieties to get everyones thoughts on their favourites!

Might be worth looking into for your own family and friends.