Tiny Houses for Retirement

Here’s another advantage to tiny house living: due to the low cost of tiny houses you can pay off the home fairly quickly and be mortgage free in your retirement years. I found two interesting videos on this topic so I’ve combined them into one blog post.

“Single Mother Builds Tiny House to Create Retirement Plan:
Michelle ” MJ” Boyle is a mother of two and as her kids were coming of age she realized she had no plan for retirement. Michelle built a tiny house so that she can have an affordable place to live.”


Luxury Tiny House – No Mortgage Retirement:
Super beautiful interior design. “Ray, a 57-year-old engineer, spent two years building a Tiny House with innovative slide-outs so that he can retire without a mortgage and age comfortably in the space.”

This design would be expensive and difficult to build. I’m showing it mostly because of the interior design. It looks like a custom home in many ways. Some may consider it overly extravagant, but it’s 100 times more efficient than the typical suburban home. This type of design may very well convert thousands of people to ditch their big homes and downsize.


Incredible Tiny House Cafe Is A True Work Of Art

“Beautiful to behold, this spectacular tiny house cafe is a remarkable specimen of skilled labour and artistic vision.

Chantal and Mike are a truly dynamic duo, one with a dream of starting a boutique coffee shop and the other with a zeal for eco-tiny house building. When these unique passions were combined to create Le Bon cafe, a wonderful and rare work of functional art was the result.”