Homeacres no dig garden fifth summer: veg, fruit, flowers, intense cropping and easy weeding

“Join me on a tour of my garden, just less than five years since I started with a weedy field.

No dig means surface feeding of soil organisms, which then aerate soil and make food available to plants: see how this results in my abundance of veg, fruit and flowers, and few weeds.”

Filmed & edited by Edward Dowding August 2017.
We showed one of Dowding’s videos about 1-2 years ago, but the progress they’ve made is so stunning that their garden deserves an update. With the incredible beauty and productivity it looks world class to me. In contrast, our garden is primarily fruit trees due to the extreme heat and dead clay soil. It would be very hard to grow primarily veggies in our situation. The key is learning to adapt to your climate and soil.