Off-Grid Tiny House Paradise With Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

“This is the ultimate tiny house off grid paradise. Situated on 380 acres of spectacular lake-front property with private hot-springs and abundant wildlife, the land will eventually be home to a fully functioning off-the-grid, solar powered community of tiny homes which will be placed amongst a network of geodesic dome greenhouses growing organic food.

The first of the homes is already in place, with ingenious design and high quality craftsmanship. Its owner Kathleen takes us through the property and shares her vision for an amazing future.”

Bryce’s videos keep getting better and better. This one is off the charts because it shows how to create a tiny house community with sustainable food and energy production. After watching the video I realized how you could do something similar on a smaller, much less expensive scale. The owner would create double income from selling produce and leasing tiny house lots. One suggestion is a greenhouse like this one: They say you can earn $100,000/year growing microgreens in a shipping container sized greenhouse.