October 21 & 22 2017 at the Oregon Convention Center
Attendees will be able to see and buy the latest products for the tiny living lifestyle. Learn from builders, project experts and lifestyle authors at the educational conferences or panel discussions. And enjoy over 65,000 square feet great exhibits with accessories to compliment the “going small” experience.

The tiny house movement, as it’s known, is made up of equal parts millennials, homeowners, and even retirees.

Event marketing will reach over 2 million homeowners from the Portland area through Seattle WA. Participate and market your products and services to this diverse group of consumers ready to build their next dream.

Explore options on real estate developments for alternative housing locations around the United States. And enjoy great exhibits with accessories to compliment the “going small” experience.

See more at our web site: http://www.greatamericantinyhouse.show/

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The tiny house movement is growing faster than most people realize. The tiny house hotel in Portland, for example, is fully booked up months in advance. How many hotels can make that claim? The ideas and lessons learned from tiny houses can in most cases be applied to larger, moderately sized homes of 500 sq. ft. or even larger.

The 5 Acre Permaculture Homestead – Unbelievable Abundance

“Jonathan Dodd of Nebraska is jammin out his 5 acre homestead with permaculture abundance: Market gardens, fruit and nut trees, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, sheep and ALL kinds of goodness. It’s hard to believe just how much one can do on only five acres of land.”

Thanks to Justin Rhodes for another great sustainable farming video. I’m sure these videos are inspiring lots of people. To see Jonathan’s CSA garden click here: http://www.negoods.com/

San Francisco Family Builds Tiny House to Avoid Crazy Rent Prices!

For high rent areas tiny house living is more than “just a good idea”. In places like San Francisco, where rent is about $3,500/month [yikes, crazy is right], finding ways to cut costs is a necessity. By living more simply this couple will have a contractor built tiny house paid off in just two years and then they’ll be living rent free in one of the costliest cities in the world.


My First House – $5000 CASH!

The Homestead Craftsman, who mostly builds furniture for a living, has started buying and fixing up old houses. A place like this would be a good starter home in the right location. On a homestead you could live in it while you build your dream natural home out of more sustainable materials.

“I paid $5,000 for my first house with the goal of renting it, spent a little money getting it renovated and rented it two times which more than paid for what I have in it. Now I’m getting it ready to sell. This video shows it’s current condition and talks a little about what I’m going to do to it. I’ll post more on the house soonish.”

Other videos by The Homestead Craftsman:
Building a Tiny House
Making a Farm Table with Salvaged Wood

Married Couple Leave Established Life in Suburbia for a Life on the Road in Converted Sprinter Van

“After establishing careers Joe and Emilie decided that they needed a new adventure and decided to convert a Mercedes Sprinter van into a tiny home on wheels.”

Note the very high video quality by Dylan Magaster. Everything is perfect — the scenery, explanations of the vans’ features, sound. I really enjoy great channels like Dylan’s, Exploring Alternatives, Dirt Patch Heaven and Justin Rhodes. They’re able to get such outstanding content because they go on the road and investigate the best projects.