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Brainstorming in session! We are currently re-thinking how to share sustainable living ideas on our site. Since 2008, we have had great bunch of contributors help to fill our site with stories from around the world. Seeing as some of them are running out of steam or re-focussing their directions, we felt it was a good time to take a step back and re-evaluate how to move forward with new ideas. We would be happy to hear your ideas on what you would like to see.
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Natural Home and Garden Canada
Where we Started and how we should Evolve has been a sustainability community / blog portal for everyone to learn and share ideas on sustainable living, gardening, eating, food, home design, building and renovating. We have scoured the world for interesting news articles and sustainable learning opportunities, as well as offering a place for writers and bloggers to show off their talents. We started life in 2008 as, but as we were finding people across Canada looking for information on living and building more sustainably, we thought we better change our name to better reflect our audience. In 2011 we made the switch. We believe it is our duty to try and keep this world as healthy as we can for the next 100+ generations. If we all do our best to live a sustainable lifestyle, we will accomplish this goal. Looking forward to hearing your ideas! Below are some current ideas of where we could head.

  • Create a Community Forum

    Members could share their ideas, projects related to living / building / gardening sustainably

  • Create an "Etsy" style market for Canadian made home and garden related products

    Each Vendor would run their own store

  • Partner with natural product manufacturers to offer their products on-line

    There would be one store, with all products bought from us.

  • Ideas?

    Let us know your ideas!

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