FreeDome Earth

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“FreeDome Earth is a tribe of earthbuilders and sacred activists.

We’re a nonprofit organization that builds domes from sandbag tubes filled with earth, the planet’s most abundant natural building resource.

These living, breathing structures are disaster-resistant, sustainable, low-cost, quiet, energy-efficient, simple to build, healthy, beautiful and uplifting.

In many ways, earth domes are an elegant solution to the needs of people living and evolving in the interconnected world of the 21st century.

Humanity is at a crossroads, facing ever-deepening, converging crises. We face a crisis of spirit.

This crisis, however, is also calling forth an unprecedented force of transformation, innovation and healing.

By mimicking the intelligence of Nature — by building as Nature builds — we come into a symbiotic, harmonious relationship with ourselves, with each other, with the Earth, and with the Universe.

This is the timeless way.

Our mission is to seed harmonious living with Mother Earth and with each other through collaborative action and to grow toward the realization of simple, ecologically integrated systems for shelter, food, energy and water.

We are part of a global revolution working to awaken unity consciousness. We do it through the transformative and empowering process of building domes from earth.”


FreeDome Earth is a post from: Natural Building Blog

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Solar Drying Closet

“Hi Owen, I love your blog and am so impressed with all the work you do. Thank-you.

It crossed my mind that drying clothes is difficulty not often covered. Sure there are commercial dryers with various levels of efficiency and power sources. But they are expensive to buy and to use over time. And the dryer wears out your clothes, changing them slowly into lint. A clothes line works in good weather but is useless in bad.

My suggestion is a drying closet built with a soda can solar heater outside, connecting directly to the closet. Computer fans can keep the air circulating even when no heat is coming from the solar heater. It’s amazing how much faster things dry with a little air movement.

The closet could have a rod to hang clothes and fold up/down mesh shelves for sweaters or other things that shouldn’t or can’t be hung up. When not needed as a dryer the door could be opened allowing the heat into the dwelling. At night the door could be closed to keep the warm air from leaving the house.

It could even be built as a free standing hut if there is no room in the house.

I hope you like my idea.”

Warmest regards, Leslie

Solar Drying Closet is a post from: Natural Building Blog

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